"Gaili's music makes 
the movie" 
- Director, Henry Jaglom

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Since scoring Deja Vu (Vanessa Redgrave, Stephen Dillane) for director Henry Jaglom in 1997, film composer Gaili Schoen has scored an eclectic variety of features, including Paramount Classics' Festival in Cannes (Ron Silver, Maximilian Schell) and Porchlight Entertainment's Mothers and Daughters (Sally Kirkland, Tom Bosley.) Her motion picture scores have ranged from disaster drama to romantic comedy. Gaili composes in diverse musical styles utilizing everything from small jazz, rock and folk ensembles, to large symphonic orchestras. Early this year she scored the documentary Annie Leibovitz: A Life Through A Lens, with composer James Newton Howard as score producer, and has just finished an orchestral score for the feature film Noble Things.     
 --The Score

"Your music has all the passion of Morricone, the irony of Rota, the power of Herrman, and the beauty that is all yours"  --Henry Jaglom, director Dj Vu and Festival In Cannes

"Gaili's music is beautiful...amazing." ---Barbara Leibovitz, director Annie Leibovitz: A Life Through A Lens

"Gaili's music is without comparison. After having the pleasure of watching her music and lyrics bring my film to life, I would never work with anyone else again." --Robin MacKenzie, writer/producer, Mothers and Daughters

"The wonderful score carries you off to the shores of the French Riviera."
--Kenneth Turan, LA Times Film Critic,
Festival in Cannes

"The original dreamy music by Gaili Schoen uses [cello], [clarinet], and piano to set the mood....Just the music alone will put you in the mood for love." --Steve Rhodes, online review, Deja Vu

"The Musical Score by Gaili Schoen was a wonderfully witty and cheeky adjunct to the film."
 --Mirella Roche-Parker, Minneapolis Star-Tribune,
Festival in Cannes

"Live musicians in a score make the scene come alive...no electronic sample can create that magic..."

--Gaili Schoen
, featured panelist on the Musical Women of Film and Television, co-sponsored by Women in Film and The Society of Composers and Lyricists

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