Born with perfect pitch and the ability to play by ear, Gaili Schoen has been playing the piano since age 3. She enjoys playing all styles of music, including jazz, classical, popular and rock. Gaili both plays solo piano, and leads the trio "The Jewel Tones" with singer Ruby, and bassist Zachary Matz in the Los Angeles area. Gaili is also a film composer and is currently scoring the documentary "Ghosts of War."

"Gaili is an amazing pianist"
-- James Newton Howard, Film Composer

You Don't Know Me .....(solo piano)
I've Grown Accustomed to her Face
(Gaili Schoen solo piano)

If I Had You (piano solo)Over The Rainbow (piano solo with verse)You're The Cream In My Coffee (piano solo)
You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me (video clip)
Gaili Schoen- piano
Zachary Matz- bass
Ruby- vocals

What Is This Thing Called Love?
Singer, Ruby
Our Love Is Here To Stay
You Don't Know What Love Is
The great Ian Whitcomb plays uke and accordion on vintage tunes
Trumpeter Steve Billington makes THE JEWEL TONES a quartet

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